Dr. M. Todd Wilson, DC, D.NMSc, is considered one of the leading experts in non-pharmaceutical management of chronic conditions such as functional thyroid issues and diabetes.  He has been practicing in Reynoldsburg Ohio for the past 20 years and  is currently the Executive Director of the International Association of NeuroMetabolic Professionals (IANMP),  His doctorate is in chiropractic, but after being diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition in 2010, he dove head first into studying Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology.  He has over 500 hours of post graduate education and used this training to develop his current practice model.

He is a 1994 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, a graduate of the American Functional Neurology Institute, a Registered Trigenics Physician, and has been awarded a Doctor of NeuroMetabolic Sciences from the IANMP.

Dr. Wilson is a national lecturer on topics including thyroid, diabetes, female hormone imbalances, and weight loss.

He is originally from Miamisburg, Ohio and relocated to Reynoldsburg in 1995.  Since that time he has successfully helped thousands of patients suffering from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.